Sunday, October 5, 2014

Celebrating Grandparents

There's so much to love about Fall. The crispy weather, with its pink and orange sunsets. The cool breeze that invites you to a fire pit and gather around. But Fall also means amazing new publications. I can't get enough of all the new picture books being published. Today I'm sharing these books that celebrate people in our lives we call grandparents.

Madame Martine by Sarah Brannen

Madame Martine lives all by herself in the beautiful city of Paris. She is surrounded by so much beauty but she doesn't really know that because she shops at the same stores and she takes the same walk everyday.  She is content with this life. Until one day, her routine changed... all because of a dog she finds. There was no way she could leave that adorable dog behind, so she names him Max and together they start sharing their days. However, Madame Martine quickly discovers that Max's arrival is changing her routines, her life...for good.

Nana in the City by Lauren Castillo

This book has three things I adore: Fall Scenes, My fave city: New York City and a sweet grandma and grandson story. When the young boy goes to spend the night with nana in the city, he notices that NCY is loud, dirty, with many people coming and going. He is worry that this is no place for a nana to be. But the next day, Nana helps him see her world with different lenses and through the help of a special cape. 
Love these grandmas in the story...and love that both of them live in fascinating cities. Quite an exciting setting for a story with them as main characters. 

This book is a must for any narrative unit as this story focuses on a daily sweet moment that a child shares with grandpa. Every day at half past three, they share a cup of tea, sharing stories and listening to each other...even if it means virtually. A great example of how technology bring families together. 

Another book that I've enjoyed browsing and enjoying the glossy photographs is The Public Library: A photographic essay by Robert Dawson and with an afterword by Ann Patchett. 

The book is a celebration in pictures of the wonderful world of libraries...small, majestic, simple, impressive. Although the writing in the book is limited, I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. Grab a cup of coffee, relax, and enjoy the visual journey this book provides as the photographer shares that trip with us. 

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