Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Slice of Life Challenge March 2014 Edition

My dear friend Karen, over at a Literate Lives, said it so well, "There are probably a hundred reasons that I could use to excuse myself from posting daily..." And she is right. So many reasons. So many excuses. But we all have so much to say....we have unspoken words and untold stories waiting to be written. It doesn't matter if they are short or long. If it's one word or two. For me, it's about carving the time to breath out my thoughts, ideas, questions or observations. I know the writer inside of me has things to say but I'm guilty of finding other things to do instead of writing. So, wonderful team at Two Writing Teachers, thanks for the challenge, for the nudge and encouragement to carve out time to leave our marks behind. See you in a couple of days.