Saturday, October 26, 2013

Celebrating TIME

This week I felt like I ran out of time. I rushed from one parent-teacher conference to the next. I felt there was more I wanted to say to those parents...
yet I ran out of time to say more.
I attended meetings, I listened and friends' listened to me...
yet I ran out of time for others.
I visited a school and had three powerful conversations...
yet I ran out of time to visit other schools.
I felt I disappointed someone because I can't be in more schools
during the week...
Yes, I ran out of days and time.
These feelings felt heavy in my heart by the time Friday came I was exhausted. Why am I fighting time? Why does it feel I'm going against it? And how did it manage to make me feel like I didn't do enough?



I ran out of time to say more.  I had time to say enough positive things. More conversations are yet to come.
I ran out of time for others. I had the chance to listened to others and my friends did listened to me. It's a never ending cycle.
I ran out of time to visit other schools. Quality over quantity Stella. I had meaningful conversations. That's what matters.
I ran out of days and time felt I disappointed someone. All I got is today. Today I chose to celebrate the little or tons of time I did have to make those things happen.

Time: you're a gift. Sorry I felt I was running against you when in fact we are running in parallel ways.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Celebrate! Celebrate Being Alive & Present

I'm joining Ruth Ayres and her invitation to celebrate! My last Celebrate Blog post had to do with teaching. Because teaching is such an important part of my life, these moments are so important to me. But today, I want to simply celebrate being alive and present. Life for me is a precious gift and I try to live a balance life where I make time in my life for my family, my friends, my love for life, my alone time, my thinking and reflecting time. It's not always easy. It's a constant juggling act. However, I take pride in being able to do these things because it means one thing: I'm alive and present. If I had a rough day, it was because I was alive and present. If I enjoyed that Fall sunset, it's because I was alive and present. If had cried because I was homesick was because I was alive and present. When I struggle understanding where to take a student next on his reading journey, it's because I was alive and present. My struggles, my small victories, feeling overwhelmed or inspired, it's all because I am here.

I'm able to write this post. I'm alive and present.

Thank you Ruth for allowing us to celebrate.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Ruth Ayres is an inspiring person whether you get the opportunity to listen to her speak or whether you get to read her careful choice words that transmit passion, reflection, celebration, noticing and listening.
In a world of fast-paced decisions, of long to-do lists, of running from one place to the next, she is asking us to pause and reflect on the celebrations that happen in our everyday educational world. I'm joining Ruth Ayres and all my other blogger friends who decide to take part of this journey. This kind of invitations or projects align to my philosophy in life: carpe diem: seize the day, celebrate, notice.

My celebration this week involves my work with one of my colleagues as an ELL Teacher Leader in the district. I get the wonderful opportunity to work with other ELL teachers in the district in the different elementary schools. In this new role, I get to visit classrooms, observe, participate, help, listen, collaborate, or sometimes just be present. After spending 40 minutes observing my colleague teaching with her two young readers, we debriefed afterwards which includes all the great things she is already doing in the classroom. This was her first coaching session. I know this is a new process for her as it is for me. The next question that she uttered made me jump inside of happiness. She said, "Ok, Stella what can I do differently for these readers?" She initiated our work together, she was the one who extended her hand to me, she was the one whose mind already switched to action plans for these two readers. In this coaching job, we wait and live for moments like this...where the first leaves of trust are starting to sprout and it shows in a simple question.

And it is in moments like this where my faith for our profession gets renewed. Teachers are the among the most humble and caring individuals I know. And it shows.