Sunday, October 20, 2013

Celebrate! Celebrate Being Alive & Present

I'm joining Ruth Ayres and her invitation to celebrate! My last Celebrate Blog post had to do with teaching. Because teaching is such an important part of my life, these moments are so important to me. But today, I want to simply celebrate being alive and present. Life for me is a precious gift and I try to live a balance life where I make time in my life for my family, my friends, my love for life, my alone time, my thinking and reflecting time. It's not always easy. It's a constant juggling act. However, I take pride in being able to do these things because it means one thing: I'm alive and present. If I had a rough day, it was because I was alive and present. If I enjoyed that Fall sunset, it's because I was alive and present. If had cried because I was homesick was because I was alive and present. When I struggle understanding where to take a student next on his reading journey, it's because I was alive and present. My struggles, my small victories, feeling overwhelmed or inspired, it's all because I am here.

I'm able to write this post. I'm alive and present.

Thank you Ruth for allowing us to celebrate.

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Mrs. V said...

I love this Stella - both the ideas and the writing you used to weave your ideas together. I appreciate the sense of gratitude for life and all that comes with it, rather than just certain moments.