Saturday, October 12, 2013


Ruth Ayres is an inspiring person whether you get the opportunity to listen to her speak or whether you get to read her careful choice words that transmit passion, reflection, celebration, noticing and listening.
In a world of fast-paced decisions, of long to-do lists, of running from one place to the next, she is asking us to pause and reflect on the celebrations that happen in our everyday educational world. I'm joining Ruth Ayres and all my other blogger friends who decide to take part of this journey. This kind of invitations or projects align to my philosophy in life: carpe diem: seize the day, celebrate, notice.

My celebration this week involves my work with one of my colleagues as an ELL Teacher Leader in the district. I get the wonderful opportunity to work with other ELL teachers in the district in the different elementary schools. In this new role, I get to visit classrooms, observe, participate, help, listen, collaborate, or sometimes just be present. After spending 40 minutes observing my colleague teaching with her two young readers, we debriefed afterwards which includes all the great things she is already doing in the classroom. This was her first coaching session. I know this is a new process for her as it is for me. The next question that she uttered made me jump inside of happiness. She said, "Ok, Stella what can I do differently for these readers?" She initiated our work together, she was the one who extended her hand to me, she was the one whose mind already switched to action plans for these two readers. In this coaching job, we wait and live for moments like this...where the first leaves of trust are starting to sprout and it shows in a simple question.

And it is in moments like this where my faith for our profession gets renewed. Teachers are the among the most humble and caring individuals I know. And it shows.


Karen said...

You are all about seizing the moment, so it is no surprise that you had this celebration. How wonderful for both of you that your colleague was so open to expanding her teaching practice and skill sets.

debf said...

Happy to be celebrating along side you! I knew you would make smiles where you went! Happy to see you are already well on your way!

Dana Murphy said...

Oh, this is the stuff I dream of as a literacy coach! Great reason to celebrate, and lucky for you to work with the type of teacher who embraces learning and change!