Saturday, October 26, 2013

Celebrating TIME

This week I felt like I ran out of time. I rushed from one parent-teacher conference to the next. I felt there was more I wanted to say to those parents...
yet I ran out of time to say more.
I attended meetings, I listened and friends' listened to me...
yet I ran out of time for others.
I visited a school and had three powerful conversations...
yet I ran out of time to visit other schools.
I felt I disappointed someone because I can't be in more schools
during the week...
Yes, I ran out of days and time.
These feelings felt heavy in my heart by the time Friday came I was exhausted. Why am I fighting time? Why does it feel I'm going against it? And how did it manage to make me feel like I didn't do enough?



I ran out of time to say more.  I had time to say enough positive things. More conversations are yet to come.
I ran out of time for others. I had the chance to listened to others and my friends did listened to me. It's a never ending cycle.
I ran out of time to visit other schools. Quality over quantity Stella. I had meaningful conversations. That's what matters.
I ran out of days and time felt I disappointed someone. All I got is today. Today I chose to celebrate the little or tons of time I did have to make those things happen.

Time: you're a gift. Sorry I felt I was running against you when in fact we are running in parallel ways.


elsie said...

Time is always an issue, but you did use it wisely. That is a celebration.

Karen said...

Stella - I LOVE this perspective. It is so difficult, but we need to focus on what we are doing that is a celebration, as opposed to what we aren't. Such a tough mindset to change. Happy that you were able to do so!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and post some pictures of you dressed up in your tutu! :)

Mary Lee said...

I love seeing how you changed your own thinking. And it made all the difference in the world, didn't it?

Good to remember -- we (I) choose (CHOOSE) the way we see the world.

Holly Mueller said...

Ooooh.....this is powerful! It's all about perspective and positive thinking. Well done! It reminds me of advice I heard once to change our thinking to "I have to..." to "I get to..."

Julie Johnson said...

Stella, I can always count on you for an insightful perspective! I love this post...have a wonderful week at school this week.

debf said...

AHH, breathe, appreciate, live in the moment!