Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poetry Friday

New Book and Poetry Friday...

I have recently purchased the book Falling Down the Page by Georgia Heard. First, I have to admit I am a big fan of Georgia Heard, she is my poetry queen. Her book Awakening the Heart is one of those books that do not stay in my bookshelf for too long. I use it constantly. I was excited to see her new book of list poems where poets like Eileen Spinelli, Jane Yolen, Lee Bennett Hopkins, Bobbi Katz, Elaine Magliaro, Patrick Lewis, among others are having a wonderful poetry reunion. How can anyone resist a book like this? I have read this book over and over in the last couple of weeks just because each poem is an inspiration, an idea, a seed waiting to grow. I have recently visited Elaine Magliaro's blog : Wild Rose Reader and was reading this wonderful post about Things to do: List Poems. Please take a moment to visit this post because it is packed with wonderful ideas and poems written by her students.
Her posting inspired me to write this poem on a day I was feeling nostalgic, and really missing my family. Did it help me to write this poem out? Absolutely! Awww....the magic of poetry! The round up today is at Under the Covers.

Things to Do When You Are Feeling Blue

by Stella Villalba

cuddle up with a
good book.
write in your journal
just vent.
take a short nap
wish for sweet dreams.
wear your favorite color
all day.
have your favorite ice cream
with a scoop of Hersheys.
lie on your back
dream away.
catch the first star
of the night,
make a wish.
take out your roller blades
and skate away.
walk to the closet park
and swing on the swings
turn on the stereo
play your favorite song.
and if none of these work
just remember
today you were here.
today you made it.
You are strong.


Mary Lee said...

Your poem made my throat catch just a little. Trying so hard to be happy, and winding up only able to be brave. That's life sometimes.

Elaine Magliaro said...


I'm always happy when I find that one of my posts at Wild Rose Reader has inpsired someone to write a poem. Well done!

Writing "things to do" list poems with my students was a lot of fun.

Enjoy the rest of National Poetry Month!

Neverending Story said...

I could so relate to this, I feel like bookmarking it as a list to remember.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Your poem cheered me up no end this morning. I have linked to it, and thank you!