Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Post Way Overdue

I agree with Franki, the 48 Hour Reading Challenge is also one of my favorite "holidays" but this year it was not a successful event for me as I hoped for. May be the migraine had something to do with it, and the fact that we are still in session at school (this week is our last week!!!). All I could manage to read was one book although there were five books in my pile. I missed seeing my blogger friends on Saturday for breakfast but I know that we can always find an excuse to get together.
Mary Lee: we are all very proud of you and the effort you put in participating at the Ohio Casting For Recovery Fish-a-Thon. You can read about her adventure right here. Even though I read only one book, I will count all the books in my pile as part of my donation.  We are very proud of you.
Let me make it through my last week of school and I will be writing about the book I read this weekend. Most of  you are already in Summer vacation mode so I hope you are enjoying it fully!!!!

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