Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Animal Poems & Others


African Acrostics: A Word in Edgeways
I have two great books I would love to share with you today for Poetry Friday. First African Acrostics A Word in Edgeways by Avis Harley is one of my latest finds. I must say that a couple of things caught my attention right away. First of all, the acrostic poems are literally a delight to read. Captivating titles such as Eye to Eye, Untamed or The Watcher are some of the titles that matches the acrostic poems. Another amazing feature are the photographs that goes along with the acrostics. Photographer Deborah Noyes sure did a fantastic job capturing a strong image of each animal. I can see this book becoming a great mentor text for upper intermediate grades (grades 4 & up) that would like to see how acrostics are done in fun, creative ways.

I also enjoyed reading the Nature Notes found at the end of this book where the author gathered relevant information about each African Animal. You will also find the photographer's note where she shares information about Namibia, a country in southern Africa where most of the pictures were taken.

The second book that is also now part of my Poetry collection is this creative book entitled A Whiff of Pine, A Hint of Skunk A Forest of Poems by Deborah Ruddell and Joan Rankin. Are you ready to go for a walk through the forest? Are you ready to live through the four seasons as you explore the different creatures that surround this amazing environment? Well, that's what this book is all about. During your hike, you will encounter squirrels, an overachieving beaver, and quite the snail. My favorite poem is definitely the one about the weaver.

Biography of a Beaver

Bucktoothed Cleaver
Tree Retriever
Building Conceiver
True Believer
Waterproof Weaver
Hooray for the Beaver!

I hope these two brighten up your children's literature world like they brighten up mine! Happy Friday. Enjoy the journey!

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