Sunday, December 6, 2009

For Just One Day

For Just One DayFor Just One Day by Laura Leuck. Oh this book is tons of fun! Children will love this book because all children love pretending and guessing games! That's what this book is all about, "what if for just one day you could swim the Nile and be a creeping..."(you guess what animal should go here!) The whole book goes back and forth between pretending and guessing! It is a wonderful book with captivating surprises and fun illustrations by the french graphic artist: Marc Boutavant. I highly recommend this book, let your students appreciate and guess each riddle. And may be after listening to it so many times, they will be willing and inspired to create their own version of For Just One Day. What about you...who or what would YOU like to do or be for Just One Day?? Enjoy the Journey.

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