Monday, December 13, 2010

Pecan Pie Baby

Pecan Pie Baby Jacqueline Woodson has a way with words and that is why we all just love her books! So when I saw a picture book at the library written by her, I immediately had to read it. And may I just say...I wasn't disappointed. The powerful language that Jacqueline Woodson uses in her books was very present in this picture book. The story is about changes, big Gian's new baby brother or sister who even though hasn't born yet, has already created some changes that worries Gia. The way Gia's mom deal with this changes and with her daughters reaction is the sweetest part in the book. I love how Jacqueline Woodson made mom such a strong, caring, and understanding individual who knew just how to connect with her daughter so that she will still feel so special. The story flows beautiful between the words and the illustrations, and it soothes the spirit of the readers for sure.

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