Monday, January 17, 2011

Clever Jack Takes the Cake

Clever Jack Takes the Cake   Clever Jack Takes the Cake by Candace Fleming and G. Brian Karas is indeed a CLEVER tale. So what is a boy to do when he is invited to the princess tenth birthday party and he has absolutely no money for a present? Well, this is where Jack's cleverness comes into play. Jack decides to bake an amazing cake for the princess but he doesn't have the ingredients. So Jack has to be creative and resourceful  to get the ingredients for the cake, like giving extra handful of seeds to the hen in exchange for two fresh eggs.
So when humble Jack gets all the ingredients ready and bakes the most amazing cake for the princess, then it is time to start the journey to the castle where the party will be held. But little did Jack know that on the way there, he would run into some crazy troubles like running to 24 blackbirds that took all the walnuts that spelled Happy Birthday. Jack found himself protecting that cake all along the way, but there was nothing he could do, with each step, more danger came his way. So by the time humble Jack made it to the castle, his amazing cake was gone. What would he tell the princess? What would the princess reaction's be when he sees him empty handed? Oh Clever Jack and his tremendous heart mixed with creativity makes the ending of this story such a clever one. I guess you would have to read it to find out, eh?

Happy Journey!!

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