Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pebble Plus and the World of Nonfiction Books

I'm not sure how many people are familiar with the series of Informational Books Pebble Plus but if you teach students in Elementary grades, you may want to get a hold of some of these amazing books. Any book in the Pebble Plus series will be a wonderful mentor text for Informational Reading & Writing.
Their formats are so accessible to younger children (ages 6-7-8). All of these books have amazing real photographs, short chapters (perfect for younger ones), and writing in a straight, easy reader format. These books make the perfect books for younger readers  not only because they will be able to read the information on their own but also be able to focus on other parts of nonfiction books like the table of contents, glossary, index, maps and labels, and "read more" sections, etc.
I was really excited that Pebble Plus series books have several new 2010 titles:

Bengal Tigers (Pebble Plus: Asian Animals)Jaguars (Pebble Plus)Orangutans (Pebble Plus: Asian Animals)

I invite everyone to check out these new titles. You'll love the amazing photographs and you'll also enjoy watching your students being totally engaged with these nonfiction books!!

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