Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am still here...

and ready to start posting more frequently again! I had to do some "taking care" of my health, and now that I got my energy back, I am ready to share with you some new findings in the children's world of books. And because I was "out" of the blogging world for a while, today I will post a super-special extra edition of My World-Mi Mundo (with a little bit of everything!).

First, I would like to invite you solve The Mystery by Maxwell Eaton III. Yes, I did say mystery because, you see, after Max and Pinky paint the barn, "someone" comes during the night and paint it all over again BUT with a different color, or a different design. Well, Max and Pinky are frustrated, of course, so they decided to look for clues, and to do some interrogation. In the meantime, you will read some funny remarks from the other farm animals in the barn (silly and funny!). Well....the ending does has a surprise. Well, let's see if you can solve the mystery while you read this book...Please check it out! 
The Adventures of Max and Pinky: The Mystery (Adventures of Max and Pinky)

I can picture many little ones in my classroom devouring this book (interesting choice of words!). After all, dinosaurs are HUGE in the children's world. I still see my fifth grade students fascinated when they find out a new fact about dinosaurs. The Pop-up Dinosaurs Galore! by Giles Andreae is definitely a book for your younger students (K-2). It shares one cool fact about The T-rex, Pteranodon, Triceratops, Diplodocus and the Giganotosaurus. Written in a rhythmic way makes it even more fun for this book to be read aloud over and over. Besides, there is something to be said about Pop-up books, now try to picture the reaction of a dinosaur pop-up book... yes, definitely a winner. This book will be HUGE and POPULAR with our younger audience!
The Pop-Up Dinosaurs Galore! (Tiger Tales)

And now, I would like to share the CD  that my first and second graders have been listening to during Writer's Workshop. The children love it and so do I: Dean Jones Nappers. 

This time of the year is so lovely here in the United States. Fall is definitely my favorite season, although, it doesn't last long enough. I've been doing a lot of walk lately, and carrying my camera with me everywhere I go. So, I will leave you with one of my favorite pics from this season. Happy Fall...and enjoy those leaves before they are gone!  

What's coming up this week? 
*some more new findings in the world of children's books
*I will also be sharing some of the process that undergoes in putting a Cultural Festival together as I am getting ready for mine (December 17!!!)
* I will be attending the TESOL conference on Friday and hope to share some new multicultural books, findings, tips and suggesting when working and teaching English Language Learners. 
Stay tuned!

Goodale Park, Columbus, OH Fall 2008

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Fall is the best! Goodale is like a live painting. Perfect pix.