Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Dancing Pancake

Oh, I think I found the first book I would like to kick off our ESL Book Club!! I'm very excited to write about Eileen Spinelli's newest book: The Dancing Pancake.  I must say that I already LOVE Eileen Spinelli for her previous published work like Where I Live. I'm happy to report that you will NOT be disappointed with her latest work. The Dancing Pancake is a wonderful story about the changes that we must face in life. In this case, meet Bindi, a middle school student trying to take it all in. She enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and loves her family deeply. Life seems to be running smooth until her parents announce their temporary separation. With this major change in her life happening, others seem to follow like: moving to a new apartment, the opening of The Dancing Pancake, new room, a new love (may be).
The Dancing Pancake When life takes a turn this big, what can help us cope? What are the things or the people that help us make sense of all this? This is Bindi's self-discovery journey. One that will make her mature even faster, one that will make her notice her surrounding, and the other people's pain besides her own.  Written in free verse, this story has you captured and hooked right away. Not only, it makes you  ponder and stop throughout to take it all in, but it also transports you into Bindi's world in a way you didn't think you could.
I can NOT wait to read this story with my students and have a peek at their own thoughts, ideas, and wonderings. Books like The Dancing Pancake are books that help you discover so much about your students not only as learners but also as individuals. Enjoy the journey of The Dancing Pancake. I can guarantee you'll love this ride!

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Karen said...

I just posted about this today, also. Love this book!!