Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mid-Summer Book Report Part II

A couple of days ago I shared with all of you a couple of Chapter Books for Elementary students. Summer time is that perfect time in between those morning coffee to get some reading start and to start looking at some new possibilities for the next school year. Today I will like to share with you some more titles that fit under the category of Chapter Books for Elementary grades.

Frankly, Frannie by A.J SternFrankly, Frannie and Frankly, Frannie Doggy Day Care Doggy Day Care (Frankly, Frannie)

Oh sweet Frannie, our little friend who can not wait to be an adult. See, there are so  many things that are so cool about Frannie: she loves office, has some terrific ideas (according to her), and loves to use big, big words. She believes in herself so much, without boundaries, especially age boundaries.  Frannie sees every moment as an opportunity to be that adult she wants to be so badly, with responsibilities and unlimited knowledge. What is so cool about the way A.J. Stern writes is the different she uses to catch the audience or readers attention on extraordinary, magnificent words or expressions. I'm sure our young students will LOVE learning to pay attention to words and language when it is done in such a fantastic way. Adorable character, great language, excellent illustrations! What is there not to love?

Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade by Stephanie Greene and Illustrated by Stephanie Roth Sisson Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade: Book 1I believe many, many anxious first graders will feel identify with this young lady. Posy will be starting first grade in a couple of weeks, but there are so many changes coming her way that she is not sure First Grade is a good idea anymore. I mean, Posey must say good bye to mom at the Kiss and Go lane. She has to walk to her classroom by herself.  The only time that Posey feels very strong and courageous is when she wears her tutu. One day Posey runs into her future First Grade teacher at a shop and both Posey and her teacher had an amazing eye-opening moment, one that helps everyone on that first day of First Grade. You would have to read to find out the moment that help all those little one start a new academic year!

Stay Tuned my dear blogger friends. There are more great summer reading I got to share with all of you!  In the meantime, enjoy the journey!

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katied said...

Ooo these sound great! I picked up but haven't read Princess Posey. Now I want to! Thanks.