Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New books here, new books there, new books everywhere!

I love holding in my hands new treasures... new companions, new best friends in my classroom library. Ready for some new books ready to bloom just in time for Spring...

Questions, Questions Questions, Questions by Marcus Pfister is an excellent resource and companion to any classroom. Whether you're covering a unit on "the beauty of wondering" or teaching students to be curious or ask essential questions, this is a must have.  This book reads to me as a great brainstorm of questions to open children's natural sense of wonder and curiosity. Thirteen engaging couplets, beautifully written and equally engaging.
Check It Out!: Reading, Finding, Helping Check it out!: Reading, Finding, Helping by Patricia Hubbell. This book is dedicated to "all the wonderful librarians who inspire a love of books and reading in children everywhere." I know so many amazing librarians that fall into that category. Yes, I'm pretty lucky! And tons of children out there feel the same way about their magnificent librarian who help them find the just right book, who helps with school work, and plans amazing book themes! Yes, I agree with the author, librarians are spectacular! they deserve a special shout out!

Shoes for Me! (Pinwheel Books) Shoes for Me! by Sue Fliess is a wonderful book with a special rhythm that plays with words and adjectives! It all happens because Hippo needs new shoes and on her way to discovering the perfect pair, she discovers that she has SO many choices!! I mean, there are shoes that...
light up
with buttons
with bows
that zip up
that clop!

Who would believe shoes could be described in so many different ways? in such fun ways?! Yes they can be. Author Sue Fliess finds an amazing way to describe something simple that who knew could be so much fun? Rich vocabulary and an interesting journey all the way!

As Spring approaches, it brings tons of great titles and selections that are way too much fun to discover! Books...such a wonderful way to grow, learn, and have fun. Who knew? ;-)
 Enjoy the journey!

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Cathy said...

I saw Questions, Questions recently and cannot wait to add it to our classroom library. Thanks for the suggestions of new reading. I am looking forward to reading these new titles.