Friday, June 8, 2012

48 Hour Book Challenge: See you at Harry's by Jo Knowles

See You at Harry's

Picture this: My blogger friends and I are supposed to meet for dinner at 4:30pm and then go to our favorite bookstore Cover to Cover for the Dark Days Tour with 4 YA authors. It's 3:45 and I'm on the last couple of chapters in See you at Harry's. For the past hour or so, I've been wiping the tears, unable to put the book down. If you predicted that I was late for dinner, you're right. But if there was a group of friends who would understand, it would be them.

This book stays with you. So be prepared. Fern, twelve-year old, feels like her family is always busy, too busy to notice her at least. Fern's siblings all seem to be in their own world; Sarah, the oldest sibling is trying to decide what to do next, in the meantime she's helping out at the family restaurant. Holden is excited about his "new friend" and trying to figure out his own place, and then there is little Charlie, the little three year old that keeps the family entertained and always laughing. But Fern's family is always on the go, her dad is constantly looking for ways to improve the family business: their restaurant. Fern's mom is always meditating. The only person in Fern's life who is a constant, who keeps calm and focused is Ran, her best friend.

However, all their lives are suddenly shaken and completely torn apart when an unexpected event lead them to deal with the unexpected. Through pain, tears, isolation, guilt and finally peace, this family finds a way to find each other again, in a completely different way.
The topics addressed in this book are not simple, the complex layers of issues that the family faces make this book a great  novel  for students 12 and up where students, learners and readers will be able to discuss more in-depth the topic of sexuality, depression, and death.

Jo Knowles weaves in all these topics with elegance, with ease so the audience can take it all in. Yet, Jo  knows how to also make it memorable so that you don't forget these characters that easily. A wonderful piece of work for sure.


MotherReader said...

How wonderful that you were so captivated by the book that you couldn't leave it. And doubly wonderful to have friends who would totally understand that. Keep on reading!

Carol H Rasco said...

You have convinced me I have to get this book and soon! I've been reading so much about it, this review seals the deal! All the best to you and Book People Unite!

Liviania said...

Terrific review! Good friends understand when you're late due to a book.