Sunday, December 1, 2013

Joining the Twitter Revolution: Nerdlution

The concept for TED is "Ideas Worth Spreading". Many times, that's how I feel about my amazing Twitter friends who come up with these brilliant ideas that are worth spreading. My friends know this about me: I live my life in a constant search for BALANCE. I believe that balance is one of the key ingredients to a happy life. I love the different communities that I belong to. I love my teaching community, my writing community, my Hispanic community and of course, my reading community. I also try to carefully decide to what things I say YES to because we all know that when we say YES to something, we're saying NO to something else.

However, certain YES's are worth saying them because they enhance us, challenge us or strengthen us. That's how I feel about all the brilliant minds that came up with #NERDLUTION.

If you would like to know how this #Nerdlution got started, then you need to head over Franki's blog and read the behind the scene story. I've been reading their tweets, pondering, considering HOW I am going to make this happen. I love the concept and actually BELIEVE in this idea so strongly. My fear? I'm leaving to go to Paraguay and I'll be out of the country for 16 days. Internet is limited...and let's face it: my family time is valuable. I didn't want to commit to anything that would jeopardize my time with them. But then, I started seeing how "flexible and open" people were with their #nerdlution and that's when it clicked! I can make this work, even when I'm away...even when I'm absorbed in a different world, and with limited Internet access. I can still make it happen. #nerdlution include the following:

1. BE present in the moment. Any moment. Big or small. No multitasking...answering texts, or glancing over twitter. Be present. 
2. Document my next 50 days in the form of photos, notecards, memorabilia, journaling, polaroids, etc. I got the tools, I just need to use them. I'm interested to see what develops or emerge from all this documenting. 

3. Each new week between Dec. 2 and January 20th: I'll try something new...whether that is a new app, a new food, a new spot in town, a new genre of book, or a recipe. I'll try something NEW. 

Those are my nerdlutions. Simple but doable as I spend my next 50 days in two countries. Thank you Colby Sharp, Franki Sibberson, and all the other brilliant minds for this brilliant concept. Let the FUN begin. 


Mandy said...

Wahoo, this sounds just perfect for you. I can't wait to follow your journey, as always.

debf said...

I think this is the true meaning of #lifeofStella! Enjoy life, be life, capture life! Safe travels friend~smiles

Mary Lee said...

I LOVE your #nerdlutions! So perfect for you! I might borrow them in the next round. (Did I really say that??? Next round??? WHAT???)