Monday, July 7, 2008

My Seven Years in the USA

This weekend 4th of July Celebration took me back to 7 years ago when I left Paraguay to come and live to the United States. So, yes, I did celebrated 4th of July, but I also celebrated 7 years in this country. When I arrived in this country, I was wearing all the adjectives I could possible have...I was optimistic, courageous, fearful, strong, determined, doubtful. Could you "be" all these at the same time? Yes, it is possible. I came to the United States with big dreams, I wanted to go to college (since I was little), I wanted to be in a big city or at least visit one, I wanted to teach in the USA, I wanted to see places that I saw in magazines when I was in Paraguay, I wanted to see New York City, I wanted to stand in the middle of Times Square and take it all in. I wanted to breathe different airs, and tried different foods. I wanted friends that came from everywhere! I wanted to make a difference somehow, someway.
Seven years later, I can say I am blessed to put a "check" next to all these dreams. God has given the strength I didn't know I had in me to live faraway from home, from my friends, from my culture in order to make my dreams come true. He has walked with me, holding my hands all these years, and luckily he still does. It hasn't all been easy or sweet since I got here, I have definitely ridden the roller coaster ride  of life but looking back at all these years I can say...
I made it. 



Dogtrax said...

You sure did make it.
I'm glad your dreams came true.

katied said...

Your story is inspiring! Thank you for sharing this...God is good.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you... You've made it!


Mary Lee said...

Congratulations, welcome (belated), and HUZZAH!!

Now. What about your goals for the NEXT seven years?!?!?!