Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh! The Places I'll Go.....

Oh where I have been lately??? My friends, my friends...since my life has now closed an important chapter titled "Get Your Masters Completed"  I have been very happy to start a new chapter call..Oh! The Places I'll Go (titled inspired by Dr. Seuss, of course!). This new chapter in my life includes BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS! but here is the includes ALL kinds of books, books of my choice, I will travel to different places depending on where the author wants to take me. I am ready for some book traveling. My soul needs it. 
After doing some spring cleaning in July (donating clothes, selling stuff, fixing things, re-arranging furniture), I have been happily diving into some amazing books, mixing it up with pool time, and book clubs... so here's a peek into my basket...

Roscoe Riley Rules #1: Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs (Roscoe Riley Rules)

Roscoe Riley Rules #2: Never Swipe a Bully's Bear (Roscoe Riley Rules)
Roscoe Riley Rules #3: Don't Swap Your Sweater for a Dog (Roscoe Riley Rules)May I just say I love this kid? I won't be reviewing these books here because my friends at A Year of Reading have done a fantastic job reviewing it. It is because of them, that I put these books into my pile. The boys in my classroom would be GRATEFUL that there is a boy character out there that "rules" (so to speak!) And by the way...I can't believe the author of these young children books is Katherine Applegate, from Home of the Brave (one of my favorites!). She is so talented!
The Underneath I am also reading The Underneath by Kathy Apelt.  My friend over a Talkworthy reviewed this book as well, and when people have a great way with words, they are able to convince me right away that I should definitely put that book on the top pile. I am not ready to say much about the book yet...but I am loving the pace and the sound of the language in this book. 
42 Miles I enjoyed this book a lot! I like how simple and straightforward it is. Not too much going back and forth with the problem. She deals with it (what a concept!) and moves on to being happier. Life will be a lot simpler if we all have a little of JoEllen in ourselves! Why? Because she is very realistic with her situation but won't drag problems forever! Written in free verse with outstanding black and white collage illustrations (how creative!), I highly recommend this book!

And last, but not least, the book that has been getting most of my attention and time...TA DA....

Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)
How can I NOT read this book? I could feel Katie's excitement when she wrote about this book over at Creative Literacy. I was just counting the days until I finish my masters so I can devour (ummm....wrong choice of word considering the plot of the story) this book. I can't say enough about the book except that Stephenie Meyer is just a genious writer! seriously. what an amazing author she is, her stories are making this nation read like crazy which is always a wonderful thing! Of course, I already bought the other two books to take them with me when I GO HOME NEXT WEEK!!! 

Yes, I am going home to Paraguay next week. "Home" is where your heart is, correct? well, my extraordinary mom (and best friend), my amazing dad, my talented sister (the doctor in the family) and the blessing in my life: little Fabrizio (nephew) are all there. 
I will also be spending a couple of day in my beautiful Argentina, where I was born.

My sister has a conference there, so a lot of other doctors will be going, and I am just sneaking in with some old friends. I have the city for myself while those doctors are working hard! ha haha...

That's the reason I have also been spending some time in my classroom (already!) so I can have my room ready to start before I go home.
So, there are tons of things to do before my traveling date (next tuesday)  but in the meantime, I am off to my blue couch where my books are waiting. 
Have a lovely wednesday (and if you are in Columbus, OH enjoy this cloudy day, I like it for a change).


Mary Lee said...

1. I, too, LOVED Home of the Brave!
2. Helping Others Spend Money on Books should be the subtitle of our blog.
3. Have a great trip home!!!!

katied said...

Hip hip hooray that you have completed your masters!!!! I loved all the books you've included in this post...I am in the middle of the Underneath and on the 3rd (Eclipse) of the Twilight Series. I hope you have a fabulous trip home and enjoy time with your family!!