Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Greener Planet

Going GREEN is a statement that we hear or read a lot lately. I hope it is not a temporary statement, one of those that we all get into but later forget about it. Taking care of our planet, where we live, our environment is OUR job, our responsibility. Everyone has a part in it. One of the most challenging things is explaining children what THEY can do to help the planet besides recycling. The answers? Read it in Growing Green by Christina Goodings. In this practical book, the author makes explaining things to children so  much easier! By giving comparisons to things that children would understand (like how little resources we use when we go camping). I also enjoyed reading this posing questions that you can find at the bottom of each page...questions like "When you plan a journey, think, how can you travel lightly?

Think green. Think being practical. Think environment  and you got Growing Green!
Happy Reading!

Growing Green: A Young Person's Guide to Taking Care of the Planet


Franki said...

This looks great! It is in my shopping cart!

Susan T. said...

Hi, Stella. I apologize for leaving this message in your comments, but thought you'd like to see this list of a several good bilingual books; it was compiled by the critic Rigoberto Gonzales, and can be found at the blog Critical Mass

Yay for kids' books!

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