Monday, November 3, 2008

And the learning goes on and on...

Gus is a Tree by Claire Babin fits perfectly among the books that I have been talking about here and here. This is the kind of book that entertains but also teaches great vocabulary which is so important for English language learners and to enhance the oral language development of ALL children.
Gus, the hero of the GUS series, is a dreamer. At any time, Gus invites you to step into his imaginary world, an adventure for sure! In this book, Gus who is always so taken by nature, dreams that he is a tree while he learns about bark, moss, leaves and roots. Oliver Tallec, the illustrator is very talented, and knows how to create powerful images using vibrant colors. 
I enjoy getting to the end of the book and finding all the great FOREST WORDS that the author included. Words such as beech, veins, birch are all explained at the end of this book and each word is accompanied by a real photograph. Such a fantastic piece of work!

Gus is a Tree


Franki said...

I have this and haven't read it yet. But now I am excited to put it on the top of my stack! Thanks for the review!

Z-Kids said...

I never seen this - I'm going to look for it. Thanks for the hears up!