Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meet Sophie Peterman

Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth! You HAVE to meet Sophie Peterman. Why you may ask? Well, Sophie Peterman tells things as they are, she tells the TRUTH. In this hilarious book, Sophie shares with her audience the TRUTH about baby sisters/brothers! Oh yes, written to all the big sisters and big brothers out there, this book is a must for you! According to Sophie there are some things you have to know from the beginning about having little ones at home. Written as "warnings", Sophie's advices and clues are so funny, that I am sure it will get your students laughing in no time. I read it to my group of first graders and they LOVED Sophie, and to a group of fifth graders because several of them have younger siblings and they thought it was histerical! I believe Sara Weeks and Robert Neubecker are quite the team for putting this great book together! Have fun!


Franki said...

This looks great--I just ordered it! Thanks for the info! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving:-)

Katie said...

I love this book! I got an Advance Reader's copy of it over the summer and showed the kids here. They were really excited when we finally got our "real" copy of the book last month!