Sunday, January 3, 2010

A little time off and back to start fresh in 2010

I took a pause in December from blogging and the internet to reconnect, refocus, and recharge my batteries. There is no other place where I could do all these things than home. I went to see my family in Paraguay and spend a beautiful (and hot!) Christmas with them. The time there was what my soul needed to not lose focus and to remember the other things in life that are so so valuable. While it was snowing here in C-bus, it was hot, hot, hot in Paraguay. And that's how it always is in December. We had our traditional food for Christmas which includes asado, chipa guazu, Clerico, and three different kind of salads. Our big dinner is always on December 24, we waited until midnight and received Christmas day with hugs, sparkles and fireworks. It is amazing and beautiful. And after midnight the family party continues and nobody goes to bed before 3! I know that the way we celebrate Christmas in South America is very different than the way it is celebrated here in the United States but that is the beauty of it. Can you imagine if we all do the same thing? b-0-r-i-n-g! So I propose a toast for the New Years: here is to celebrate what is different, here is to the unknown, here is to welcome and embracing diversity and to reach everyone and all. Happy New Years!


Franki said...

Love the photo! So glad you had such a nice holiday with family! Happy New Year!

Ali said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I love hearing about the different holiday traditions around the world.

katied said...

I felt the same way in December. Turn off the internet and turn to family. I was glad to read you enjoyed every bit of the holidays with your beautiful family!! Happy New Year Stella! ( I am just getting back in the groove of reading and writing) See you next week at the Lit Connection Class!