Friday, January 29, 2010

Poetry Friday

January 18, 2010 was such a great day for so many people in the world of Children's Literature. There is so much anticipation and excitement built that it is impossible not to be part of that level of enthusiasm and be ready to celebrate the accomplishment and effort of so many great writers and illustrators. You can visit the American Library Association website to see a complete list of the 2010 ALSC award winners. I truly missed my Ohio Blogger Friends at their annual get-together to celebrate this day.

One of the awards given is the Pure Belpre Award. Established in 1996, this award celebrates a Latino/Latina writer and illustrator for their work and contribution to the celebration of the Latino culture.
RETURN TO SENDER, a novel, ages ten and up (and up!), by Julia Alvarez -- click for book summaryToday for Poetry Friday, I would like to celebrate and applaud one of the 2010 Pure Belpre Author Award Winner: Julia Alvarez for her work in Return to Sender. I couldn't think of a better book, a better writer than Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez that portraits the situation that so many immigrant families in the USA are facing through in rough times like the one we are experiencing. Julia Alvarez gives voice through this story to so families who are experiencing similar situations. I am not going to talk about the story line except to give you a few key words that will get you thinking about what the book is about:

American Families
Undocumented Immigrants
Interdependent relationships
culture celebration
culture understanding

Julia Alvarez has written poetry books as well. The Woman I Kept to MySelf is a wonderful collection of poems about self-reflection, understandings and feelings. Julia Alvarez started writing 30 poems for her 40th birthday as a way to reflect on life, on the things she has accomplished, and on the direction her life was going. But her birthday came and went, and Julia Alvarez kept on writing, pouring out her soul in those poetry. This seventy-eight poems will have you ponder and thinking as Julia Alvarez herself meditates throughout her years.

So today I am giving a standing ovation to those Latino/Latina writers whose books not only explore cultures and encourage understanding among us, but also give a voice to so many silent voices in America who deserves to be heard.

Happy Friday, Happy Poetry Friday! Thank you Anastasia for hosting Poetry Friday today at Picture Book of the Day.

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