Friday, April 11, 2008

Bienvenidos! Welcome to My World-Mi Mundo

Have you heard the phrase "Things Happen for a Reason"? ( pretty sure you are nodding right now), well...I believe this is true. I believe it 100%. Let me explain...or better yet...let me sum it up...I planned on going with my friends to New York City for Spring Break. I was looking forward to spending some days with my friends, laughing, taking different pictures of NYC,  taking it all in...but life has different plans for me. Instead, I got really sick. Sick to the point of missing three days of work right before spring break. (that's never a good thing). So instead of NYC, it was me, my laptop, my books, my couch and my antibiotics. is the part of the story that will put the pieces all together. During my Spring Break, I started reading different teachers' blog, I found so many wonderful blogs out there, and I have learned so much from all these great teachers. I was inspired, motivated, energized by their wonderful commitment to share their knowledge with other teachers, librarians, etc. So, I have decided to "Pay it Forward" and start a blog as well where I can share my daily readings, reflections, experiences, ideas, motivation, in other words...I will share what I LEARN, LOVE and therefore, I am sure we will all GROW from all the great sharing that is happening around us. Welcome. Stay Tune. More later... 

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