Friday, April 18, 2008

Keep a Poem in Your Pocket Celebration

Finally April 17 arrived! No more countdowns to this is here!  The children and I have been looking forward to this day of poetry reading, poetry sharing with our friends and the world! So what happened, what did we do? Well, for starters for look backed at the poems we have been doing throughout the year and the students had the choice to choose one that they would love to share with our community, with everyone! Several of my 5th grade students wanted to create their own poem, or chose one that they wrote a while ago. One girl chose a poem she wrote about Jack after reading Love That Dog by Sharon Creech. It was so original!
I have to say this about my students: one thing that they have learned so well is to read a poem with the proper pauses, and proper intonation. 
We had worked so hard on this, we practiced as a class, with partners, individually, etc so that when this day April 17 came we could read our poems with no problems! And they did. They made m
e so proud. During our Poetry Picnic they shared their poem with several friends, and was time to share with our community by taping it to a balloon. 
The countdown to the "launching" was so exciting the kids and I were that I didn't even realize that ummm...there is a tree closeby to our balloons! so, here we go...sending our poems away with the hope that someone will catch it!

Ooops! some got caught in the tree...oh well...eventually they will be free...

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Shubitz said...

Awesome. Wish I could've been there!