Sunday, April 27, 2008

Creative weekend...

All I can say is that I need it in order to
Revive this creative soul
This is me.

After spending so much time reading and reading and reading for my synthesis paper for my master's program I felt like I was in BLAH state of mind...state of creative mind, I mean.  I don't know if anyone would understand this but after not doing much on with that creative side that I believe we all have, it goes _________. exactly. blank. 
So I've decide to give my reading homework a break...and do something for my soul. i started feeling unbalance. lost. stuck. So... to solve t
hat problem I...
1. first went to Barnes and Nobles and sat down on the floor right by the art bookshelf and immerse myself in some outstanding creative r
eading. I found a great book that catched my mind and guided me in the right direction.  
One book is Visual Chronicles: the no-fear guide to creative art journals, creative manifestos & altered books. by Linda Woods, Karen Dinino. 
2. next stop: Joann Fabric & Michaels for some very needed art supplies. 
3. grabbed a blank spiral notebo
ok I had at home (that apparently has been waiting fo rthis occassion!) and...
4. started grabbing all my scrapbooking supplies I have at home, and started working on the cover for my art journal. 
and this is what the final product looks like:


Now I have my little place to vent and create. I had always been a big fan of journals. I started when I was about 10 years old and since I did not have anyone I can practice my English in Paraguay (Spanish our first language), then I decided to create a journal where I would put my English into practice. 

Now you can see why I started this section of my blog with that poem about ART. I need it for my soul. 

now i am happy. :)

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