Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 1 Poetry Challenge

One thing you will figure out about me really fast is the fact I L-O-V-E POETRY. Ask my friends, ask my students and fellow teachers, and you will certainly get the same response from everyone. 
I enjoy reading it, I enjoy listening to it, I enjoy writing it. I enjoy holding it. I simply enjoy it. 

I am joining Stacey and Ruth over at  for their One Week Poetry Challenge. So, I gave that recipe poem a try. I must confess I am a bit rusty this morning, but give me some time to play with this....I am sure I would revise this one later on. So far, amigos, this is what I got...

Recipe for a Delicious Saturday Morning
1 cup of coffee
1 extraordinary book you've been waiting to read
2 soft and comfortable pillows
1 large fleece blanket
1 relaxing spot to sit
Leave PJs on.
Grab a cup of coffee
Take that book you've been excited about reading and hold on to it really tight
Walk to that perfect relaxing spot in your place
Relax, sip your coffee, read your book, dream away
Awww...Happy Saturday to You. You made it through the week.


BK said...

This is pure inspiration for me.
THanks, BOnnie

GirlGriot said...

Great recipe! Hope you enjoyed your reading time.

Dogtrax said...

books, comfort, etc.
That's what we need more of in this hectic, crazy world ... at least, I know I do.
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Great recipe! I would like this to be a recipe for a week day too. I think you included all the important stuff, like staying in PJ's.