Monday, August 18, 2008

And back..

Alright my dear bloggers, I am back in the USA feeling very rejuvenated and ready to give 120 to this new school year. Now, as many of you know, I went to South America to be with my family, and my friends. I did things in s-l-o-w motion there, just as the locals. Ha! My heart is full of joy and blessings because of the wonderful 18 days I got to spend there. And I am not embarrassed at all to say that I got spoiled by my mom like you wouldn't believe. yes, I am 32 but I ADORE my mother and love spending every minute with her. Like the good old times, we cook together and had endless hours of deep conversation. My adorable mom is my best friend. Always had. Always will. She knows me inside out like nobody else does and that in itself is a blessing. I shared many soccer games with my dad, both screaming at the T.V. (Hey, we latinos take soccer very seriously!) We watched the Olympics at late hours at night, and of course, we had conversations about politics! My dad is a wise man, knows so much about life is amazing!I got to be auntie to Fabrizio, my 5 year old nephew  for all those days. I gotto visit his school, talked to his teacher, spent the day with them, and of course, read a couple of books. 
I also got to be with my sister in Buenos Aires, Argentina reminiscing our childhood years. 
Here are some pics of these people I adore, and are everything to me...
My Family:

Fabri always talks with his mom (my sis) on the cell phone 
before he goes to school. She is a doctor so she is a busy busy woman, but always pauses her routine to make the most important phone call of the day.

In Paraguay, they are approaching the end of winter. The weather is changing, people dress in light layers, and there are these beautiful trees called LAPACHOS that announce that spring is coming. Lapachos can have pink, yellow or white flowers so it is just breathtaking to walk around the city this time of the year!

My sister and I walking in Buenos Aires.

Argentina = Tango! Oh yes, we love to listen to a good oldie Tango, we love watching it, and although not everyone can Tango, it is amazing how many people of different ages are learning to dance Tango. Fascinating. I am seriously thinking of joining the Columbus Argentine Tango Society (CATS) at the Ohio State University. Looking forward. :)

Well my friends that was my trip in words and pictures.  I read somewhere "Don't be sad that is over, be happy that it happens". I will repeat those words to myself for the next couple of days. 
P.S. Now that I have regular, consistent internet connection again, I will be posting on a regular basis again! Happy start of the week!


katied said...

Glad you are back!! Nothing like spending time with the ones you love to rejuvenate before school begins. I think I will be thinking about summer with your wise words...don't be sad it is over, just happy it happens!

Franki said...

We missed you and are so glad you are back. Looks like you had an amazing trip. Your nephew is ADORABLE. He looks like he is such fun to be around. Cute little smile. Enjoy getting ready for the beginning of the school year!

Mary Lee said...

What great memories! Thanks for sharing!