Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An invitation

The beginning of another school year is approaching fast. Teachers across the nation are getting their classrooms ready, dusting off boxes and containers, pulling out their library books, decorating walls, and planning ahead. The beginning of  the school year equals a refreshing start. For me, it means an opportunity to do things differently, to keep in mind the things that worked  last year and to definitely polish or change the things that just didn't help the students learn or grow.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite ALL teachers when planning for this new school year to keep in mind their ELLs in their classroom, those quiet voices that sometimes get totally overlooked. Some teachers may be thinking, "but I am hardly trained to teach ELLs?" OK. I understand that. But having English  Language Learners (ELLs) students in the classroom is a part of educating and teaching in the USA. ELLs population across the nation is growing rapidly. It is our duty and our responsibility to:

1. start asking for training on how to better reach ELLs in school.
2. ask for help from the ESL specialist or teacher in our building if there is one.
3. ask administration for support in order to do our job: teaching and reaching ALL children.

I believe that if we are in the field of education, then teachers are PROACTIVE. We don't have to sit and wait around until help is being offered. It is our responsibility to make sure all children are learning. And each child has different academic needs. Not one child learns the same way as another. No Child Left Behind does not mean All Children Drag Along. And I feel that sometimes this is what is happening with ELLs students in some classrooms.

Let 2008-2009 be the year that changes all that. I invite you to open the horizon and include all children when you plan and you teach. I will do my best through this blog to share with you strategies that help ELLs in the classroom. It will be my way to contribute to the change!

Have a wonderful 2008-2009 school year!


Anonymous said...


What an important and timely post. Thanks!


Mary Lee said...

AMEN, sister!

Cassy said...

Excellent! We most certainly need to help eachother to understand that ELLs need extra attention and time in order to achieve success. I invite you and all of your visitors to go to www.ColorinColorado.org to access very valuable resources for reaching ELLs and their parents.

Continue your awesome work hermana!

katied said...

Wonderfully said Stella!!