Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Keep your eyes open for...

a new Mo Willems book coming up in October! I can't stop talking about Mo Willems' books after I witnessed my ELLs students enjoying, devouring, learning how to read, and most importantly, reading over and over with the same excitement!
If you don't have any of Mo Willems books in your library, I highly encourage you to purchase them for your own classroom library. I have written about his books in an earlier post here. And I really love the fact that Hyperion Books for Children made a hard cover series of his books for a very good (hard cover) price of $8.99. 

Has anyone been lucky enough to read a preview copy of this book? If so, I am dying to find out what you think! Like I said before, I know I won't be disappointed! I just love his books as much as my students do!

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katied said...

This looks sooo great!!! I haven't sen it but will be looking for it!!