Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Book Giveaway to Celebrate HHM!

I truly believe that one of the best way to learn is by sharing our knowledge with each other (This is why we are bloggers after all).  So, in honor to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) Hachette Group USA has rounded up a collection of their best books that celebrate Hispanic Americans. So in order to participate in this terrific giveaway, here is what you need to do:

 Post a comment with your favorite book that celebrate Hispanic culture. This book may be a children's book, a poetry book, a young adult book, an autobiography, etc. I am inviting and accepting all genres. The idea is to share the title and the author of your favorite book with each other!

The last day to participate in this giveaway will be Thursday September 25 (On Friday September 26 (right before our Columbus bloggers' day!) , I will announce 3 lucky winners who will receive one copy of ALL 8 books shown below:

So, let the sharing start! 


Mrs. V said...

I can't narrow it down to one. Here are some of my favorites that instantly come to mind... I love all of Francisco Jiménez's books (The Circuit, Breaking Through, La Mariposa, The Christmas Gift...). Although I haven't read his newest book, Reaching Out, I am sure it will be great. Best of all his books are available in Spanish and English.

I am also a big fan of Gary Soto poems, short stories, and novels.

Pam Munoz Ryan's Esperanza Rising and Becoming Naomi Leon are other books that are available in English and Spanish.

Here are some more of my favorite authors: Sandra Cisneros, Gloria Anzaldua, Luis Rodriguez.

I like Fransisco Alarcon's poems.

Right now my 6th graders and I are reading the Spanish version of How Tía Lola came (to visit) stay by Julia Alvarez. I also love Julia Alvarez's other books. I read aloud Las huellas secretas because Tía Lola mentions the ciguapas. I really love Antes de ser libres and En busca de milagros too. All of her books that I have mentioned are in English and Spanish.

I teach/have taught middle school-high school, so most of the books mentioned are for those age ranges. Some are also appropriate for younger and/or older.

Susan T. said...

It's hard for me to name a single favorite, too, but I'll stick to one: George Ancona's "Pablo Remembers."

Chicken Spaghetti

Alyce said...

This is a tough choice for me partly because I don't pay that much attention to the ethnicity of the authors that I read.

I was a Spanish major for a while in college and read a lot of hispanic literature then. The one I remember most vividly is Gabriel Garcia Marquez' One Hundred Years of Solitude.

sexy said...