Monday, September 29, 2008

Columbus Bloggers Meet Again

So you might be wondering...Really? What's so exciting about meeting other bloggers? Well...let me there is no time for that. Let me sum up with Top Ten Reasons Why Columbus Bloggers Get Together...

1. We always have an excuse to get together. This time it was the Mini-Columbus version of this:

2. We get to expand our bloggers world by adding new member to our family each time. This time we welcome Megan from Read, Read, Read and Kristine from Best Book I Have Not Read.

3. We love a good breakfast. We heart North Star Cafe (in the lovely Clintonville area).

4. We talk about books (of course!!) but we also talk about trips, family, friends, our jobs, our own world.

5. We get along! We do! Conversation just flow in an easy, natural way!

6. We recommend books to each other but we really don't plan that in advance. It just happens.

7. We all HEART Cover to Cover Bookstore in Clintoville. Our fantastic local bookstore is our choice number one after breakfast. Our little reading nook, our safe place run by Sally who is a great supporter of our blogger's world.

8. Sally from Cover to Cover Bookstore always let us browse through the ARCs books. So exciting...this time I got really lucky by getting in my hand a copy of...
Rapunzel's Revenge

and I also got a copy of Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez as one of my book picks for this week! (It's Julia Alvarez! I am excited she has a new book coming January 2009!)

9. We always do a little shopping at Cover to Cover and then do  some show & tell on our shopping at our  favorite corner of the bookstore that looks like this:

10. And last but not least...we get together because it is simply FUN!

And now I wonder...when will all these Columbus Bloggers Get-Together happen again? May be during the Holiday Season for some Holiday Shopping? Anyone? 


Anonymous said...

Count me in! It was great fun meeting everyone and I love any reason to go to Cover to Cover.

Karen said...

I love the holiday idea! And I love your 10 reasons we get together -- all sooooooo true!

katied said...

I am so sad I had to miss this get together!!! Can't wait for next time Stella!

Mary Lee said...

I so agree with reason #5! It's like we've ALWAYS known each other!

I'm up for a holiday get-together and I nominate YOU to be the social director/organizer! Tag, you're it!