Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Does Peace Feels Like?

When I got this book in my hands, my mind was definitely racing. I was reading through the teacher's lenses and ideas were flowing in my head! Why? Well, how much time do I  have to tell you all the wonderful things about this book?
What Does Peace Feel Like?

*uses a  friendly language, accessible to children of different ages
*it matches our Peace theme perfectly!
*the illustrations are fun.
*the author uses the five senses to write about PEACE
*it is an outstanding mentor book!
*great example of metaphors and similes!

Yes, there are many pluses to this book. I love when I can read a book, enjoy it but also use it as a mentor text for a particular teaching point. In my classroom we are getting ready to discuss how authors use their five senses to give life to their writing. I think I found the perfect mentor text using a familiar theme. 
Don't miss the last page in the book, the word PEACE is written in approximately 150 different languages. Love it!

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Cassy said...

Thank you so much for the great idea. I'm going to look for a copy and use it as mentor text as well, perfect now for the holidays!I'm finding my students are so eager to refer to real books for ideas...