Saturday, February 21, 2009

Brilliant Work by Latino Writers & Artists

You know that a good book is going to take you places, but an extraordinary book will not only take you places but will also wake up all your 5 senses creating a unique sensation. That's what I felt when I held the book The Black Book of Colors by Menena Cottin and Rosana Faria. Two creative artists combined their talents to make a book that will help you understand how a blinded person makes sense of their world and the colors through the use of their four senses. What makes this book unique and extraordinary is not only the use of strong beautiful language to describe the colors, but also the powerful raised illustrations encouraging and inviting readers to run their fingers through them. 
From beginning to end, this book is perfect. Each page is translated into Braille, and the full Braille Alphabet is found at the end of the book. The Black Book of Colors is an exquisite book. 
This book was originally written in Spanish but translated into English by Elisa Amada, who is also a writer living in Toronto. 

This book was also reviewed by my dear friends at A Year of Reading. You can also find more information about this book right here


Franki said...

We have GOT to get you to do a presentation at the Dublin Lit conference next year. Sharing books or things you do with your ELL students...

Ali said...

I picked this one up at the library, too, and my kids and I have enjoyed looking through it. So fun! Our only complaint is that the braille isn't raised enough on the ABC page.

Don't forget to link to your review on the February Reviews post at the Diversity Rocks site!