Friday, February 13, 2009

My First Poetry Friday

My World/Mi Mundo is slowly but surely joining the huge world of Kidlitosphere by joining in the different projects and postings created by the truly amazing society of bloggers in children's and young adult literature. Before sharing a poem on this beautiful Friday morning, I would like to officially congratulate the board of Kidlitosphere Central for the stunning work they have done by creating an official page with a compilation of all the members in this society. This was a huge task that they took upon themselves in order to solidify and strengthen this society of bloggers. My admiration and congratulations to a job well done. I am proud to be a member and part of this world of bloggers. Please head over to read the introduction written by Mother Reader. And also, Melissa Wiley, have you ever thought when you invented the word Kidlitosphere that it would become a word that represents a group of people with a passion for books? Brilliant! Congratulations to all....
This is a poem I wrote to my godson Fabrizio whose love I share miles and miles away...

There are no words 
coming out of my mouth
to describe the feeling
that tickles inside
every time I touch
your innocent face.
My world was lost
without your smile.
My world was incomplete
without your eyes 
to contemplate. 
My world shines
My world makes sense
My word has meaning
because of you...

The round up this week is at Big A Little A.  


Cloudscome said...

Isn't miraculous how each of our children becomes the center of the universe and lights everything else?

Debbie Diesen said...

What a beautifully sweet tribute to your godson.