Sunday, March 7, 2010

An amazing Reading Week ahead of me...

There are so many things I'm looking forward this week...

#1. Share a Story-Shape a Future starts tomorrow Monday March 8th through March 12. The theme for this year: "It takes a Village" Get ready for a full week of great discussions on the topic of reading, exchanging ideas & opinions, feeling inspired by a community that promote the love for reading. By the way, Elizabeth Dulemba is the creator of the beautiful reading button at the corner of this page created for this literacy project. Please click here for more information on the topics to be discussed this week, guidelines for participation and the amazing giveaways for this week!

#2. It's Right to Read Week at our school this week. My friend Michelle created this event for our school four years ago. So proud of her work, her vision and initiative. Our Right to Read Week is an intense week of fun with a special Literacy Night on Thursday evening.

I feel very blessed to live in a country where there so many wonderful literacy projects. So many people are active, doing things for our children and our community and not just "talking" about best literacy projects. And that's what distinguishes so many people from others, it is so important to turn words into ACTIONS and then we can call ourselves "advocates" for our students' rights.

Let the amazing learning journey begins!

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