Monday, March 1, 2010

Small Projects, Big Difference

I know I am a 100% a visual learner. I know that I need to have visuals surrounding my learning environment and also as reminders/evidence of my thinking and growing. I used Shelfari and Goodreads to track the books that I read for fun. Even though these are both great web tools record the books I read, I felt like I needed something else. It took me a while to discover what I felt I was missing... until I realized that in my little apartment I needed a visual reminder of my goals. I graduated with my masters degree from The Ohio State University with my area of specialization in Children's Literature. Creating a blog to talk about the books that I read as a teacher, a reader and a learner was one of the challenges I put on myself as a way to keep up on the world of children's literature. I am happy to say that in a month, this blog will be two years old. And I am so so glad I made this choice. Besides, I got to meet some amazing & inspirational people through this blog.This year, I added in my apartment that piece I felt I was "missing" and I created a simple but fun way to keep my focus/goals in mind.

Yes, yes, yes! I know! You are probably thinking, "Oh no, it came down to paper and pencil..." um, yes it did. And I'm not embarrassed to admit it. I know that anyone that knows me well enough, knows that I LOVE technology, but I also like to do creative projects in my little art studio.

Clipboard # 1 is painted with chalkboard paint, and I write a different reading quote each month. In February it read, " I am not a speed reader. I am a speed understander." Isaac Asimov. This quote is such a reflection of who I am as a reader.

Clipboard # 2 contains the actual book recording forms. It doesn't say anything special, it just have 15 lines per page. And my goal is to have at least three pages per month. I am happy, proud and humble to say that this month I read 45 books. :) Having some snow days definitely helped too!

Clipboard # 3 holds the books that I would like to read next (next month, next summer, next!). Some of these recommendations come from other blogs that I follow, from conferences I attend, or just great books I hear people talking about!

I must say, the visual learner in me is just as happy as can be. The kinesthetic learner in me loves to manipulate these clipboards while I read. What can I say? Whatever makes you happy. It's the journey that counts. Happy Reading! And Welcome March, we are so happy you are finally here!

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susan said...

Love the visuals and I so relate to why your projects work. Thanks.