Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fanny & Annabelle

Fanny & AnnabelleI must confess, I love love love finding books that are so so perfect for Writing Workshop because you children see themselves in those stories. This is the case of Fanny & Annabelle by Holly Hobbie. This is the story of Fanny who decides that a drizzly and dreary weather day is a perfect day to make her own picture book. So first Annabelle decides that her main character will be her favorite doll: Annabelle. So when you open the book flat, you'll see Fanny thinking about the story, and when you turn the page, you will see "the story" itself. The author uses a different font to that readers can understand the difference and see Fanny's story as she is writing it. As Fanny thinks about the story, she runs into the problem. And this is where her imagination as a writer starts to bloom because of the choices she makes. There is always one part in the writing process where the writer feels stuck, needs to take a pause, and walk away from the piece of writing in order to find either inspiration or clarity. And Fanny soon encounters real problems in life as she is trying to define the problem in her story. A great book to model for children how the writing process is a long journey. Writing is a process that takes time and deserves to be given time. I hope that when you read this book, you can find its endless possibilities like I did. Enjoy the journey and Happy Reading!

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