Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bob Shea's New book

Race You to Bed Race you to Bed by Bob Shea might just be the book you were looking for if you want the little ones to hurry up and go to bed already. If you like Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime, then you know you will enjoy this one as well. Nothing will move a child faster than the word: RACE. And that is exactly what Bob Shea shares with us by writing a story about an adorable fluffy bunny who is ready for bed but one who will make his journey to the finish line a FUN one. On the way to bed, he will encounter adventures and paths that will make the journey such an spectacular one. And when he finally makes it to bed and you thought the race was over, he challenges you to one more thing...

Bob Shea's books are so much fun for the little ones. He knows how to make them beg for the story to be read "one more time!" Bravo for his new book, bravo, bravo!

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Franki said...

I didn't know he had a new one! Thanks:-)