Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet this Writer from Ohio!

Coming Jan. 26, 2010

Are you ready for some sweet rhymes at night time? Are you ready for some sweet rhymes & Lullaby? Are you ready to enjoy them under a starry night? I hope so. Sweet Dreams Lullaby by Betsy Snyder is a sweet book filled with the most tender lullaby that will relax anyone, even the most reluctant little ones. When you open the book, you will find some fun illustrations made out of the constellations in the sky, encouraging imagination and creativity.

The first sweet lullaby on page one sets the mood for the rest of the book:

The day is done. It's time for bed.
Let the peaceful moments fill your head.
so cuddle up and snuggle in,
and let your happy dreams begin.

Each lullaby is kept within the four lines of rhymes keeping it short and sweet. Sensory details are hiding behind each lullaby and each one is supported with colorful illustrations. The sweet details in the pictures, like the dandelions and weeping pillows balance and complements the lullaby perfectly.
Please visit the author's blog. It is way way cool. I love reading the behind the scenes when creating a book, especially with Betsy being the author and the illustrator. Another great Ohio writer. Look at Ohio blooming with amazing writers! Let's keep the inspiration all around!

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