Friday, February 5, 2010

Punctuation Celebration


Punctuation Celebration
Punctuation Celebration by Elsa Knight Bruno and illustrated by Jenny Whitehead is a book that makes teaching Punctuation so much fun, teaching it through poems. You will find a total of 14 fun poems covering periods, quotation marks, parentheses and many others. The punctuation is marked in red in each poem, standing out, making it easier to spot and showing through the poem how is used. The author Elsa Knight Bruno is an Ohio writer who taught Kindergarten for 29 years. This is her first picture book! Congratulations!
The illustrator of this book is pure fun. She enhances each poem with illustrations that shows again the punctuation being used. For example, on the page explaining the use of quotation marks, there is a picture of Abraham Lincoln with his tall hat and the words "Four Score-and Seven Years Ago..." I can see the use of this book during Writer's Workshop mini lessons. I think children enjoy rhythm, language and patterns. And these punctuation poems have all that and much more.

Please head over to Great Kid Books for the round up of Poetry Friday. I am looking forward to get inspired by other poetry. Enjoy the weekend. I am looking forward to a weekend full of learning at the Reading Recovery Conference here in Columbus, Ohio.

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Mary Lee said...

Have fun at Reading Recovery! (I hope you can get there and that the presenters can, too!!!)