Thursday, February 18, 2010

Slow Down for Manatees

Slow Down for ManateesI was so glad to pick up this book at our amazing Columbus Metropolitan Library. Slow Down For Manatees by Jim Arnosky is a fictional story but it was inspired by true events. Did you know that the most common danger manatees encounter are the sharp blades of boat propellers? This book relates the story of a manatee who got injured by such boat propellers. The manatee needed to be taken care of and heal properly before being released back to its habitat. It was a wonderful surprise for the people that were taking care of her to find out she was pregnant. And so it was that this gorgeous, huge, once free manatee gave birth to her little one in a small tank. Luckily, there are many people dedicated to rescuing injured manatees and who also respect their natural habitat. Signs were placed everywhere in shallow waters to warn boaters to SLOW DOWN for Manatees. I can see the endless possibilities for discussion in the classroom after reading this book. When we find powerful books like this one, it is up to us (teachers) to provide TIME for our students to share their questions, their wonders, their observations. Nothing is more valuable than giving opportunities for students to share their thoughts. Happy Reading Journey!

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