Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Special Love Edition

Valentine's Day is coming up and why not share the Love with some adorable new books:

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Meet the adorable cat named Henry who has a crush on a cute bunny named Cloe. One day Henry's mom prepared blueberry muffins for school. Henry's saves them for snack time. In the meantime, Henry is at school trying to impress little Cloe by doing a forward roll. But Cloe is also special and she knows how to impress Henry by doing a spectacular cartwheel. What can Henry do to get closer to Cloe? Well, when the teacher makes some seat arrangements in the classroom, a great opportunity shows up for Henry. All love problems can be solved with a blueberry muffin, if you are lucky enough just like Henry and Cloe are. This book is one that the little ones will absolutely love (Preschool-1). I particularly enjoyed the illustrations which stands out against those color creme pages. Peter McCarty has chosen his colors very carefully on each page, the combinations are perfect. Peter McCarty has won a Caldecott Honor in 2003 for his book Hondo & Fabian.

Kiss Kiss
I can see the little ones laughing and making silly faces as this book is being read aloud. A great fun. So what is a kiss like? well it depends who is giving you a kiss...by using similes, the author shares what a kiss might feel like if you get one from grandma or grandpa, or even the puppy.
For example, "My Grandma's kiss is noisy. Very noise! Just like she's enjoying a lollipop."
Using the sweetest adjectives, similes and comparisons, the author finds the right way to describe that a kiss can feel very different but the best kisses come from the ones you love. The illustrations in this book are very soft, and gentle, with many pink and red colors all around. It definitely matches the theme of the book perfectly!

The I Love You Book by Todd Parr
I am a big fan of Todd Parr. I think he is like Mo Willems, one of those great writers that understand children, and know how to get to them with their stories. I have used his books in my classroom for different projects, and I have used The Peace Book for my Cultural Festival project last year. In this new book, Todd Parr follows the pattern, "I love you when..." A great language structure that facilitates understanding and repetition. I love the presentation of one situation..."I Love You when you are scared" and then the opposite " I Love You when you are brave." The big colorful illustrations are always so much fun and the use of primary colors in all the illustrations stand out a lot. My students are very familiar with Todd Parr's books and honestly I can't wait to share this one with them.

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