Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Older Than the Stars

Older Than The Stars by Karen C. Fox is a must read book. So many readers are familiar with the traditional structure of accumulative tale used in several books like This Is The House That Jack Built. This book follows that pattern in order to teach the Theory of the Big Bang, how the stars were created and finally how planets and human beings appeared.
This nonfiction book is easy to read and love because Karen Fox's rhyming makes you want to keep on reading and turning the page. There is so much scientific information when it comes down to talk about the Big Bang but the author does such a brilliant job presenting all those pieces of information in the most creative way.
The vertical and colorful timeline synthesizes all the learning in an easy to follow, comprehendible way. The Glossary at the end of the book completes and wraps up this nonfiction way in a perfect way.
The illustrator Nancy Davis did an EXTRAORDINARY job balancing all those scientific facts with touches of vivid colors, splashes of paint, and playful typography designs.

Would you like to explore more? Head over to http://www.olderthanthestars.com


Busy said...

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Laura said...

I had not heard of Older Than the Stars. I will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing.

Laura Evans

Mary Lee said...

I just read this book last weekend. I LOVE it!! (Cleared up some of my questions!!!) The format is engaging. I hope teachers will feel comfortable using it in their classrooms. We need to make sure high school teachers see it!