Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Weighs A Ton

One Weighs a TonOh you will love this new lift the flaps an touch-and feel-book! Salina Yoon created One Weighs a Ton, a wonderful counting book which is an invitation to count while enjoying some rhyming and sensory details.
When you open the book, you'll see on the left hand side, the number written in a rhyme, and on the right hand side, you will see a picture resembling that number. But the picture is actually a clue to the rhyme, so when you lift the flap, you'll find the answer to the rhyme. But it does not end there, Salina Yoon included a question about the animal that starts with either WHY, HOW, WHICH, WHAT. The answer, which is of course a FACT about the animal, is shared in each page.
And for our little readers, who love to touch and feel, there is a small part of the picture that invite those little hands to "feel" the picture. I'm sure our young readers (Preschool-1) would enjoy this book over and over.

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