Friday, March 5, 2010

Poetry Friday

Yesterday we had a sunny day here in Columbus, OH and it made me feel rejuvenated inside just to think of Spring coming soon, Poetry Month in April, and all the great festivities around it.
I found some great recording of poems that could be used as "Mentor Recordings" (like mentor texts). The website Poetry For Kids have a section called Funny Poetry Podcast that I enjoyed. The reading was fantastic, so smooth and the poems were perfect for children. I'm thinking about using this website as one of the tools to introduce my students to Poetry Podcast. What a great way to practice fluency, intonation, reading with expression but having a real purpose for doing it. My favorite poem in this Poetry Podcast section of Poetry for Kids was the one entitled Please Don't Read This Poem. Fantastic reading! Can't wait to try this out with my students! :-)
Happy Friday everyone! The roundup for Poetry Friday is at Teaching Books.

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