Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Tale of Two Seders

I am always excited when I find books that celebrate diversity, whether that is culture, holidays, traditions or stories from around the world. I love to see people represented in children's books. I love to learn about what other people believe or celebrate life. A Tale of Two Seders by Mindy Avra Portney and Valeria Cis tells a story about celebrating Passover in two different households. A little girl is concerned about celebrating Passover now that her parents are divorced. Her life is well organized since she has her own bedroom and her own things at each house. When it is time to celebrate Passover, with its two seders, gives her a perfect chance to celebrate this important holiday with each parent. The Tale of Two Seders narrates the beautiful traditions that Jewish families have when celebrating Passover. The author who is the Rabbi of Temple Sinai in Washington, D.C. included at the back of the book Charoset Recipes and glossary with the important terms used throughout the story. I was also happily surprised to see that the illustrator is from my beautiful country, Argentina. Her illustrations are absolutely fantastic capturing the sweet and tender images in the characters, especially of the little girl. I loved her work. I also enjoyed checking out her website/blog. You can see more of her work there.

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